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Hello World! Welcome to Aware. Click "Read More" to view the expanded message to learn more about this app.

Feel free to move the map around, find areas to explore, join in conversations, and post new messages to people in that area (or to people interested in that area from around the world).

We are in early beta of a reboot of our earlier app called "harnu", so you'll see improvements to this site as we go.

You can post a public question or comment here in this comment thread, or reach us directly via email at

Overall, our goal is to help the world become more aware and empathetic. We'll do our best to moderate inappropriate content (please keep it "safe for work").

Welcome to our global community!


~The Aware Team


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(almost 5 years ago)

I like the concept of this social network. Lately, I've been wondering if we are only members of "tribes" who war with each other, or are we something more?


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(over 4 years ago)

I think i am okay with the out frame of your site


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(over 4 years ago)

hmm,,, same as me too..

Jing Xing

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(11 months ago)

Hi I am new here


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(11 months ago)

Welcome! We are currently working on rebuilding Aware onto a new tech platform. Stay tuned!

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