Us United States
(over 8 years ago)

Greetings, neighbors to the north! Do you think there's any possibility of an expansion of the National Football League to Canada? Is there a market for American football up there or is it as mysterious to you as, say, cricket is to most Americans? (Soccer is becoming increasingly popular here, so I couldn't rightly use that as an example.)


Ca Canada
(over 8 years ago)

NFL is as popular here as it is elsewhere outside the US, although we have our own Canadian Football League (CFL) and it is extremely popular, the American Football fans would love to have its own franchise. At this moment, I believe Toronto would be the only city that could potentially support an NFL team, not Vancouver not Montreal. CFL rules are a bit different though, only 3 attemps (not 4) and the field is longer, making it a more "distance" based game as a strategic one.


Ca Canada
(about 8 years ago)

There was some talk a few years ago of Toronto getting an NFL team.

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