Gb United Kingdom
(over 8 years ago)

How is life in Toronto? If possible could you tell me what basic living conditions are like and the corresponding cost? I would very much like to move here later in life and what better opinion that someone who lives in Toronto themselves.


Ca Canada
(over 8 years ago)

Hi Webby,

I don't live in Toronto but travel there quite often to sometimes feel I'm a local. If I have to compare Toronto to any other city in North America it would be Chicago. Lifestyle and prices are very comparable, downtown is trendy and expensive while suburbs are more affordable but a drive / train ride is required if you work in the downtown core.

Note that the cost of living in Canada, in general, is significantly more expensive than in the USA, Taxes are higher (13% sales tax and higher Income Tax), prices for goods and services are higher, but with that difference, minimum wages here are higher and you get access to more Government Services than in the US (Healthcare being one).

This is a link with some basic cost info about Toronto...



Ca Canada
(over 8 years ago)

Toronto is a great city - there is a good quality of living and, all things considered, the cost of living is much lower than that of many other cities. Loads of people from England and Ireland are making the move and getting work visas right now as the work situation is much stronger, especially for younger people.

Toronto is a very multi-cultural city which adds to its credibility. There are many different ethnic pockets in the city and dining out gives many options.

The city is growing rapidly at the moment and there is a big construction boom continuing in the downtown area. If you do come, try your best to avoid the suburbs as the downtown area is much more vibrant and everything is much more accessible via public transit.

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