Us United States
(over 9 years ago)

Hello Iraq!

Love to hear a song...can you send one?

Brian Mannix

Us United States
(about 9 years ago)

I am a computer coordinator at a middle school in the United States and am the advisor for our Pay It Forward club. We are seeking to have a world wide global initiative where we do good deeds for three people (or possibly three people in three different countries) and then we are asking the recipients of the good deed, not to pay us back, but to Pay It Forward to three people more December.

The good deed Should be something very thoughtful and out of the ordinary, not Necessarily Involving any monetary value, but just something That will bring warmth and a smile to someone who really needs it.

If you are interested, please reply to this post.

Iraq, let's change the world--one good deed at a time. Who is with me?


Id Indonesia
(almost 9 years ago)

What kind of song do you like to hear Mali?


Us United States
(almost 9 years ago)

I would love to hear some female vocals/'traditional' music or a lullaby.


Mx Mexico
(almost 9 years ago)

que onda por alla

Jo Valder

Cl Chile
(almost 9 years ago)

como van las cosas en iraq? cuentanos...

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