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(almost 8 years ago)

Hi - I am fascinated with Papua New Guinea. Is this a country you'd recommend visiting and why? Or, why not?


Au Australia
(over 7 years ago)

We are going in Sept and hope to say at least 2 months, longer if we can extend our visas. Fascinating culture, gorgeous snorkeling / diving, WWII relics. Some parts of the mainland are subject to violent crime (the cities primarily) and people may want to scare you off- but we hear the outer islands are stunning. Check out Kavieng, I've heard excellent reports from friends who spent time there.


Pg Papua New Guinea
(over 7 years ago)

Tamara & Behan

I run Papua New Guinea's (PNG) most popular political blog. There are a wide range of links on my blog, The Garamut, which you can click on and find out more information about PNG - including information on culture and the lifestyle of our people. Here's the link:http://garamut.wordpress.com/

Cheers, Tavurvur

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