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(over 7 years ago)

Hi there. I was wondering if with the impact of global warming you have noticed changes in weather in Norway? If so, what are the changes? Thanks.


No Norway
(about 7 years ago)

check for weather stats, they are the norwegian government but have an anglish version. If you read the "weather makers" by Tim Flannery, which is now about 10 years old, the global warming forecasts seem to be correct for Norway, although statistically the last few years could not be designated a trend. However, the last few years... -summer has been much wetter. (predicted) with the last 3 years seeing double the average rainfall in summer. -Winter is becoming more and more dry.(predicted) last 3 years well below average snow falls. -temperatures are warming, more dramatically up north where the average temps are significantly up.

lene larsen

No Norway
(almost 7 years ago)

Hei! It does rain a whole lot more..


Us United States
(over 6 years ago)

Hi. There is climate change but there is no such thing as man- made climate change. Climate change is primarily caused by solar variation and this has been confirmed by NASA studies. Climate Gate was a massive financial fruad involving purposely altered scientific results meant to use "carbon credits" to charge for the right to pollute. It was not done by those who care about the environment, that is for certain.

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