Ru Russian Federation
(almost 10 years ago)

Отвечу на любые вопросы о России=)


Us United States
(almost 10 years ago)

Hi. I have heard that there is a Pagan, Heathen, magazine that has 50,000 suscribers in Russia. Is that true and are there many people who practice the native European religion in Russia?


Kz Kazakhstan
(almost 10 years ago)

как насчет тонкостей получения быстрого гражданства РФ?


Pk Pakistan
(over 9 years ago)

How is life actually in Russia, I mean how is the Russian economy going?


Br Brazil
(over 9 years ago)

how is the weather now in russia?


Nl Netherlands
(almost 9 years ago)

Hi there, I'd like to know the opinion of the "average" local Russian on a corrupt person like Janokovitsj who has been thrown out by most of the Ukrainian people last week. Do you feel he should be the president still because he was elected, although he has taken money for his own purposes or do you agree with the majority of the Ukrainians who threw him out?

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