Us United States
(about 8 years ago)

Kazakhstan's punks reflect global millennial sub-culture...

Listening to the young people speaking in the video, they say they'll leave Kazakhstan for Eastern European countries such as Poland or Czech Republic. Are many of Kazakhstan's young people leaving the country? If so, why?

http://www.seattleglobalist.com/2012/09/11/kazakhstans-punks-reflect-global-millennial-sub-culture/6690 #culture


Kz Kazakhstan
(about 8 years ago)

Hi Jason,

I can't say that many of young Kazakhstan's citizens leaving the country. We have many opportuniries for developmnet here as Kazakhstan is growing country, everything rapidly changes everyday. We have presidential scholarship named Bolashak which is "future" in Kazakh. Many bright students can earn this scholarship and learn in leading universities around the world - from Harvard and MIT to Cambridge and Oxford. Then they return back to country and work here with this priceless background

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