Ca Canada
(over 10 years ago)

would you agree that there is discomfort with slackened gender roles in Russia? #culture


Ru Russian Federation
(over 8 years ago)

Sorry, but it's the most ridiculous article I've ever read. Women have always had more rights in Russia than in most other countries, they were never burnt on fire for being accused of being a witch, they didn't suffer from unjust laws like Majorat in UK, they were among the first to receive the voting right in the world (before Canada) and the soviet union would be a dream of any feminist. Therefore they didn't have to fight for their rights unlike other countries, and feminism in Russia didn't go to such an extreme. Recently published study in Financial Times shows that Russia has the largest proportion of women among CEOs in the world which makes makes the statement in your article unfair to say the least. Women do receive less than men on average, but it happens everywhere in the world and has deeper psychological roots, which have nothing to do with nationality.

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